We offer custom pricing for each client depending on the size of the project.

Custom websites

Hinten Design specializes in modern and contemporary website design, helping companies and individuals present their best face to the world. We’re happy to help, whether it‘s a simple website refresh or designing a new site from scratch. We‘ll work together to create a logical structure, find appropriate content and create a clear, engaging design that stands out online.

Clear and searchable content

Writing for websites is an art and a science. We will work with you to create a website that‘s clear and meaningful while also optimized for digital search engines. We want to capture the attention of your audience and lead them gently through your story, leaving them inspired and with a lasting impression of what makes you unique.

Digital media

The photos and images on your website give a first and powerful impression. A gripping image encourages a visitor to linger and read. This is why we will work with you to find the right, high-quality images to tell your story.

We have access to several banks of stock photos and can also arrange a professional photo shoot. If you opt for the photo shoot, the images are yours at the end of the session.

Hosting and domain

If you already have a website or domain, we’re happy to work with your existing setup. If necessary, we can also provide hosting for a new website, with a personalized domain name and email addresses. This means your website would have an address such as and email address

Contact us for advice on the different options available in the marketplace and we can support any transitions necessary.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and - advertising (SEA)

Optimizing content for search engines (SEO) is the science that hides behind the art. It’s a never ending process that ensures your site has the best chance possible of being found online by potential clients. This involves identifying key search terms and updating content regularly as search trends shift. We can also discuss SEA or search-engine advertisement, where you would pay to list your site highest for specific search results.

Changes and adjustments

Websites are not static and a good website is designed to evolve with the client. We look forward to an ongoing relationship as we ensure your website stays up to date and continues to be that open front door for your audience.

This might include changing business hours, adding co-workers, celebrating achievements and announcing new plans and projects.

Stuck with a static website designed by someone else? Drop us a note and we‘ll take a look at it together.


Make your website international. Once we have a basic web design and text, it‘s easy to add additional languages. We have access to competent translators and can create a seemless, multi-lingual site. You can hold out your business card to the world.

Maintenance and support

Security and system updates are important to keep your website running smoothly. We can take on this continued maintenance, provide regular backups and trouble-shoot any problems that arise.

Corporate identity

Hinten Design goes beyond websites. Once we’ve discussed who you are and what makes your business unique, we leverage that conversation to inform all manner of digital and print communication.

We‘d love to work with you on a logo, letterhead and business cards. Let’s talk about brochures, flyers or online campaigns. Search-engine advertising, social media photos and video — these are all design projects that share your story with the world.

Project management / Consulting

Have a specialized or highly-technical project? We can help there as well. We can offer our skills as a project manager and independent advisor, easing communication between the client and contractor. Defining the goals and scope of work is critical so ensure you get the website you actually need. We can assist with that and supervise the contract until the work is done.